Boerenkool Stamppot

This is the first meal I had with my in-laws. I met them over a long weekend, several years ago- my partner and I had been dating for a month, and his family came up for a visit.

Scallion Pancakes

I miss Chinese restaurants. Not in the “I moved somewhere where I can’t find a restaurant I like” or “my favourite place closed down” sort of way. I grew up frequenting Chinese restaurants of various types but developed a soy allergy in adulthood, and my tour of favourite spots came to a bitter end after…

Orecchiette with Rapini (or other greens)

I think I’m getting old. And one of the biggest reasons I think that is that I’m enjoying more and more bitter foods. One of those foods is rapini (also called broccoli rabe) and it’s a regular weeknight meal in our household.

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